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Utilities Shortcodes

[alert style=””] This is Warning Alert message! [/alert]

[alert style=”alert-info”] This is Info Alert message! [/alert]

[alert style=”alert-success”] This is Success Alert message! [/alert]

[alert style=”alert-error”] This is Error Alert message! [/alert]

[well] This is a Well! Put any content in here [/well]

[lead tag=”h1″] This is Post Lead [/lead]

[badge type=”default”] Default Badge [/badge] [badge type=”warning”] Warning Badge [/badge] [badge type=”success”] Success Badge [/badge] [badge type=”info”] Info Badge [/badge] [badge type=”important”] Important Badge [/badge] [badge type=”inverse”] Inverse Badge [/badge]

[label type=”default”] Default Label [/label] [label type=”warning”] Warning Label [/label] [label type=”success”] Success Label [/label] [label type=”info”] Info Label [/label] [label type=”important”] Important Label [/label] [label type=”inverse”] Inverse Label [/label]


[alert style=”alert-info”] the horizontal line in above is one of the shortcode 😀 [/alert]

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