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ME456 A4 LED Light Box 9×12 Inch Light Pad Only 5mm Ultra-thin USB Power Light Table for Tracing


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Professional quality ME456 tracers/light up boxes

Screen Brightness: 4,000 Lux, Super-Bright 5-Volt, 6-Watt LED Panel with Dimmable Touch Button Technology.

LED Lamps: Super Bright Energy Efficient Flicker-Free LED Lamps that are Maintenance Free and last up to 50,000 hours

Color Temperature: 10,000 – 12,000K

Surface Material: Mitsubishi Acrylic Panel

Frame color: Black

Frame Size: 11-3/4″ x 15″

Frame Diagonal Size: 18-3/4″

Working Surface Size: 9″ x 12″

Working Surface Diagonal Size: 15-3/4″

Power supply: DC5V

USB Power Option: Comes with a Micro USB cable to power from any USB Port, Computer or Wall Outlet

Screen Features: Provides a Perfectly Evenly Distributed illustrated Lighted Surface.

Unit Design/Weight: 1.5 pounds only, ultra thin 1/5″ profile designed for easy portability

Included in Box: 1 (one) LED light up box, 1 (one) Micro USB cable, 1 (one) User’s Manual

Warranty: 1-Year Unconditional Full Replacement Warranty


  • EASY CARRYING Super thin tracing light up box, super convenient, masterpiece designed drafting table.
  • EYESIGHT-PROTECTED DESIGN. No shadow, no glare. The drawing pad provids the most comfortable lighting environment for animators, designers, art enthusiasts, children and readers.
  • ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS, dimmable touch technology of the LED light up box helps to achieve the ideal light level and provide ideal working lighting environment for penmanship and design.
  • DIVERSIFIED USAGE of the light up box. Widely used in Stenciling, 2D animation, Calligraphy, Embossing, Scrapbooking, Tattoo Transferring, Sketching, Drawing, Sewing Projects, Stained Glass, Quilting, Enhanced Visualization and so on.
  • EXACT SIZE NOTICEMENT. Printing scale for measurement. Easy for drawing. ENERGY-EFFICIENT Super bright flicker-free LED lamps last up to 50,000 hours.

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